SMILE international sport event ahead

The SMILE project team held a preparatory meeting to finalize organizational details for their upcoming multisport event. The event will be held in Rijeka, Croatia from April 13th to 17th, 2023, and will bring together 60 athletes with intellectual disabilities from Bulgaria and Croatia.

The SMILE project, which stands for Sport, Motivation, Inclusion, Leadership, and Engagement, is an innovative initiative co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The project aims to explore the link between sport and inclusion in a unique way, by providing opportunities for international participation in sport activities for individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or mental health challenges.

During the preparatory meeting, the SMILE project team discussed various organizational details, including event logistics, athlete accommodations, and competition rules. They also discussed ways to ensure that the event is inclusive and accessible to all participants.

The SMILE project team is committed to making this multisport event a success, as it provides a unique opportunity for athletes with intellectual disabilities to showcase their skills and abilities on an international stage. By promoting sport and inclusion, the SMILE project is helping to break down barriers and create a more inclusive society for everyone.


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