#SMILE outputs

Result 1

Good practices toolkit edition SMILE including practically tested sport activities for persons with intellectual disabilities and documenting the inclusion through sport of the mentioned target group. The edition will be available online on the project webpage as guidance for other EU sport clubs and stakeholders in English language;

Result 2

#SMILE will empower sport experts to work on inclusion through sport through different national and international activities and will ensure that the awareness on using sport as a tool for proper inclusion is raised. Participating in project educational mobilities and activities, persons with ID, social workers, sport coaches will have also the opportunity to exchange ideas and good practices with other sport staff, involved in inclusion through sport from different points of Europe.

Result 3

Project will ensure further development of inclusion topic in sport through practical materials that will be developed during project lifetime and will allow also sport entities not involved in the project itself to use and further adapt to fit their reality that will increase the usability of project deliverables and will empower people from the local communities to use specific inclusion practices during their events.

Result 4

Multinational and multicultural exchange for the participating persons with intellectual disabilities during the transnational meetings and their experience as EU team will contribute to the European identity in the partner countries. Those kind of activities are bringing direct effect on the local groups they work with to be brought closer and closer to the common EU identity.

Result 5

This project will raise awareness on the high demand of urgent actions for ensuring proper inclusion of all persons facing all kind of challenges in the European societies. Partners will inform local and national stakeholders through project website, project partners web site, EACEA dissemination platform and social media (Facebook).  This result would not be possible in one country solely both in economic and practical aspect.