#SMILE trainings were held in Croatia

Project #SMILE (Sport, Motivation, Inclusion, Leadership, Engagement) is an Erasmus+ Small collaborative partnership project held in Bulgaria and Croatia. The project aims to analyze the link between sport and inclusion in an innovative and different way – by ensuring specific trainings and international participation in sports activities of persons with intellectual disabilities. An international sports event, within the framework of the initiative, will be held in Croatia in April 2023. Within the project timeline, young people and adults with intellectual disabilities will take place in various sports activities, followed by many smiles and positive emotions.

In the period before the International event in April 2023, trainings for people with ID was held in Croatia to ensure proper participation in sport events for persons with limitted opportunities and as well – to prepare hosting group of athletes for the international multisport #SMILE event.

The project aims to create these results:

• Good practices toolkit edition #SMILE;

• Specific training sessions for persons with intellectual disabilities

• Empowered sports experts and organizations that will continue utilizing the tools that #SMILE will develop in the project framework and onwards;

• Organized international sports event #SMILE that will gather persons with intellectual disabilities from Bulgaria and Croatia after the set of national training sessions in each country.

Some of the specific training sessions were already held, check the gallery or our YouTube channel to see how it was!

Follow us for future updates! #SMILE #Inclusion


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